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I have decided to start a new blog as my old one, Science and Atheism, was feeling a bit restrictive. I know that I could have just changed format but I wanted a new name as well.

I am a 36-year-old research student studying positive selection and evolution in our species. In some ways it is really bizarre being a mature student but in others it is a lot of fun. I hope to be able to expand on this over the next few blog posts. I know it sounds like I study biology, but I really study the information that biologists produce and then analyse it to try to figure out what it means.

I am a computer geek and I am thinking about trying to learn Scala over the next few weeks as I am also going to be working in R as well. I normally program in Java, but I know several other languages as well. I have many years as a professional systems administrator under my belt, I mostly worked in SMEs. I developed an interest in concurrent programming as an undergraduate and I my research projects over the summer have both been fairly massively multi-threaded so I am looking forward to seeing how Scala handles multiple cores and processors.

I am married and have a bunch of children. One of the things that is fantastic about being a student is that I have a very flexible work schedule. It has allowed me over the past few years, during my time as an undergrad and my first year of post-grad work, to spend more time with my kids than if I had been working. I have also been able to spend an incredible amount of time with my beautiful wife.

I think the only negative for graduate school is the pay check. 😉

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