The projects that I work on

My current project is working on a new way to build phylogenetic trees without using a multiple sequence alignment and it is going fairly well. I am dealing with several NP challenges and doing fairly well at handling them with dynamic programming techniques. I have taken a previous method and improved the predictions.  I am happy about how it is going but I have only one week left on this project before I start my proper D.Phil(PhD) project. My supervisor and I think that this project will be publishable with a little more work and much number crunching to get the results that we need to show.


On 1 Oct, I start back on my D.Phil project which is looking at genetic data and trying to find out which mutations are beneficial to the human race and then possibly to generalise the method to other species. I am looking forward to it, I already have put 10 weeks into the project and I have some ideas of how to make it better when I get back to it. At the moment I am just reviewing the most significant part of the tree but I need to be looking at all significant areas of the tree to find the SNPs that are driving the mutation.

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