End of the first year

This week marks the end of my first year with the LSI DTC. It has been a very good year. I have really enjoyed working with everyone else in the DTCs. I have made new friends and I hope to get to spend more time with them in the coming year.  I am going to try and join a pair of societies this year and have a bit more of an offline social life. I am thinking about joining the Fencing club and the Atheist, Secularist, and Humanist society.  I was at a few of OxASH’s larger events last year and enjoyed them.

The highlights of the year have been my research projects and the laboratory modules that allowed me to get an idea of what life in a wet lab is like.  The modules have been enjoyable and I have learned more in the last year than I think I have managed in any other year. The range of topics was diverse as well; from programming to physics to theoretical systems biology.

I am really excited about transitioning to my D.Phil research project but I will miss the experience that was my first year. I have gotten my toes wet over the summer with two successful mini-projects and I am joining the Stats dept to continue my investigation into the human genome. When I applied to Oxford I didn’t think I would get such an awesome research topic. I was originally thinking of something in ancient admixture or perhaps primate evolution. But I get to research us and our genetic inheritance.

I want to thank the DTC academics and staff that have made the year so enjoyable. I especially want to thank my supervisors: Gail Preston, Simon Myers, Steven Kelly, Gil McVean, and Gesine Reinert, for making my summer a very enjoyable time.

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