Finished and submitted my research proposal

So I finished and handed in my research proposal yesterday. I am really proud of myself for getting it done and for getting this far into my post-graduate career. It makes me feel very good to have produced something that other PhD students and some academics feel is a good proposal. It also feels good to know what I am going to be doing for the next while as I get settled into my work.

This is the summary of my research proposal:

This project is a bioinformatics investigation into human evolution using statistical analysis of genomic variation. The project will look at human population variation and discover which mutations were most beneficial to humans. The project will initially focus on a whole-genome approach to discovering signals of selection and subsequently focus on correlating mutations with the signals to determine the causal mutations driving the selection. The project will use and build phylogenetic trees from genomic data gathered by projects such as the 1000 Genomes project or the HapMap project as the basis for a statistical analysis of the coalescent history of our species. A prime focus for the project will be to discover new types of selection and apply detection to multiple species (such as mice and chimpanzees, two important model species). Particular attention will be paid to understanding the roles and relative importance of selective sweeps, standing variation, purifying selection, epistasis, and unknown methods of selection.

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  1. Well, despite not really knowing anything about what you are describing in your summary, I am very impressed. Congratulations on where you are in life! You are amazing!


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