Teaching and talking about my research

I find it odd that I am writing about how much I am enjoying teaching, given how much I hated school when I was a student. I didn’t enjoy  school until college/university.

Yesterday, I was demonstrating for the evolution day part of the Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology module for the new year of PhD students. It was really nice to feel like I knew what I was talking about given that I took this course last year. It is incredible what a difference a year makes in the DTC programme.  I was able to explain about the different ideas in evolutionary science and offer suggestions of papers and ideas to help the new students understand the topics and it was an incredible feeling knowing that I was able to help people understand.

At the moment I am working on three tasks of my list of TODO items. First I am preparing a talk on my summer projects for Monday’s inter-DTC seminar series. I need to entertain other PhD students for about 20 minutes before I get shot down with intelligent questions.

Second, I am preparing for my first viva on my research proposal.  I need to give a 10 minute talk on what I plan to do for the next 3 years and then have two academics grill me on the proposal. I’m nervous about this but I need to put that to the side and get it done.

Finally, I am working on changing some of the material for next week’s statistics work for the new PhD students. It is nice to be able to have a hand in setting up the practical and assessment work for the module.

After next week, I don’t think I am doing any teaching for a while, so I will be able to focus on my research for a bit.

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  1. It doesn’t shock me. Part of what you hated about school, I suspect, was that so much of it you already knew, and you were perpetually bored.

    • I think that was part of it, and also I always felt like the teachers were talking down to us. Perhaps because I learn things quickly I hated waiting for the rest of the class to catch up.

      I also hate busy work, so exercises to take up class time annoy me.


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