Fun with computers

I am proud of my geekiness.  I would rather spend a day building a computer or playing a game than go watch the game at the pub. So it always pleases me when I make my computer do something new, it was kind of the point of going back to school to study computer science.  At the moment I am working on a program that takes an ancestral genetic tree and the mutations in the area of the chromosome and maps the mutations to the different branches of the tree.  I got my first set of results today:

This is selection from the tree built at chromosome 2:13632000 in the HapMap phase II CEU population of 120 phased chromosomes. The first number is the branch number and then the series of SNP mutations that enter the population at that branch:

98, rs16832011
99, rs3769013, rs3769012, rs730005, rs2322813, rs3769008, rs12373779, rs9636213, rs3754689, rs4988201, rs3087343, rs1435577, rs3769001, rs4988163, rs7561565, rs7581814, rs12472293, rs2839740
101, rs11884924, rs16832067, rs3816088, rs2304369, rs4988232, rs4988191, rs4988189, rs4988186, rs4988185, rs4988173, rs4988172

The idea is I can take this information and correlate it to my other program that generates the probability that each branch is a locus of selective pressure and then show which SNPs are probable candidates for causing selection in our species.

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