What I rant about

I am back in that place where my daughter is in the hospital and nothing else really matters other than the ability for me to afford to send my daughter to the hospital because otherwise she would be in intolerable pain and potentially dead without the free prescriptions and care that we receive under the NHS. There is nothing more important than access to doctors, period, end of sentence. If you aren’t pro-national health-care you CANNOT be pro-life.

If you are reading this: you have a friend that has a child that would be dead without national healthcare.

She will be okay, but she will only be okay because of the NHS. There is no way I could afford this under the American system.

All my rants are about one thing: I want to change the world so that my children will be able to live in a better world. I want them to be able to chase their dreams such as Emily who is facing a liver transplant going musical theatre, I want Charlotte to figure out if she wants to be a Vet or a Physicist. Victoria doesn’t know what she wants and Sam is our summer storm. Az wants to be a super hero. I want them to be able to chase their dreams and become anything. But I want them to grow up into a safe world, free of gunmen and global warming. This is why I rant and this is why I debate. I have children and I want a better world.

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