An Update

I have been chugging along since the new year, my switch to veganism is going fairly well, though I find a good number of online vegans to be over the top and annoying. However, I sometimes wonder if that is how people feel about me and my passionate subjects, though I do hope that I am closer to the scientific consensus than the vegans I am talking about.

The dog we adopted just before Christmas has settled in very quickly and has become an integral part of the family. We have since adopted two more dogs, bring the total number of animals in the house to “too many”.

On the work front I am now starting to work with the latest release of the 1000 Genomes project meaning that I am now working with a more complete dataset than I was before. I have received a program to build new trees from Niall Cardin and I am in the process of building new trees for the CEU (People in Utah of Central/Northern European Ancestry) population and I will then see how the results compare to the HapMap results I already have.

I have also started to teach a class on the basics of Perl. You can check out the videos on YouTube at You can get the course materials for free at or at

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