Calling Java code from R

This blog helped me solve an issue that I was having with rJava.

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In the previous post I looked at some simple methods for calling C code from R using a simple Gibbs sampler as the motivating example. In this post we will look again at the same Gibbs sampler, but now implemented in Java, and look at a couple of options for calling that code from an R session.

Stand-alone Java code

Below is some Java code for implementing the bivariate Gibbs sampler discussed previously. It relies on Parallel COLT, which must be installed and in the Java CLASSPATH in order to follow the examples.

It can be compiled and run stand-alone from an OS shell with the following commands:

As discussed in the previous post, it is possible to call any command-line program from inside an R session using the system() command. A small wrapper function for conveniently running this code from within R can be written as follows.

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