Science Showoff Oxford 2 – 20th September, SIGN UP TO PERFORM

I had so much fun performing here last year that I have signed up again. So come see some awesome performances.

Science Showoff

It’s always such a pleasure to head to Oxford, home of such incredible history and a comma beloved of one-upping grammar pedants everywhere.

We’re coming to town on Friday the 20th for a gig in East Oxford Community Centre (it’s just off Cowley Road (44 Princes St, Oxford OX4 1DD ). This gig is being run with Phil Dooley, an extraordinary communicator of science through chat, demos and song, for whom it is the last public performance before he returns to Australia.

But we need more acts to perform alongside Phil, and to make this a proper massive Showoff gig for Oxford! Old friends and new ones are welcome to perform, and you can do any kind of performance about any kind of science you like. Music, jokes, demos, video, talks, theatre, stories, literally anything you want!

You’ll need to grab a 9-minute slot here:

The gig will be…

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