On the Censorship of Atheist Societies

A piece I wrote for The Tab with Frank Cook

Oxford Atheists, Secularists, and Humanists

by Thaddeus Aid and Frank Cook

Original posting at The Tab

Recently South Bank University Student Union forced the South Bank Atheist Student Society to pull down a parody of Michelangelo’s Adam and God, first saying that the genitals of Adam were offensive but then following that up with a complaint that it was offensive to religious students, SBASH was removed from the Fresher’s Fair. At about the same time the Reading University Atheist Student Society was removed from the Reading University Student Union’s society list for naming a pineapple Mohammad the previous year, again citing offense to religion.

Parody and sarcasm are a valuable tools in the criticism of belief systems that you don’t agree with. If the Young Labour Supporters put up an unflattering image or critical meme of David Cameron, no one would bat an eye. If someone thinks their child should not play with children of…

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