Money and politics

I don’t like that the current rules for money in politics means that I have to add an extra level of care to my shopping. Not only to I have to worry about the environmental impact, the company employment practices, but now I also have to worry that if I am supporting the wrong product that some of that money will be spent on political ideologies that I disagree with.

Shouldn’t I be able to buy something without worrying about the direct political repercussions of the action?

Money isn’t speech, corporations are not people.



My giving you money is not me handing you my political voice.

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  1. I understand your frustration. The folks involved in 2nd Amendment advocacy have been dealing with this for years.

    But in the end; it really is impossible to stop supporting businesses with causes you disagree with. Somewhere, somehow some of your money (and mine) ends up back in their pocket. Not nearly as direct but it is a global connected economy.

    The other aspect is; if you aren’t going to buy a company’s product, why should they care about your politics?
    I think a better way is to be a limited customer and then inform them they don’t have more business because of their politics. Knowing there is money they could be getting is a strong motivator for most folks.

    Bob S.


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