My summation of the major f-up of the SCOTUS

A summation for a libertarian acquaintance.

Okay to bring you up to date:

1) A corporation is a fictional entity licensed by the government. In effect it is a fake person engaging in an activity on behalf of the government.

2) That fake person now has real person hood and constitutional rights to free speech in the form of being able to make unlimited political contributions.

3) That fake person now has religious belief, and can use that religious belief to opt out of federal law.


Summation – A Government Entity now has the ability to directly influence governmental election cycles on behalf of a parent religion with unlimited monetary contribution to politicians and political parties.

In the mean time, that same governmental entity can ignore hard won labor rights and ignore the law by imposing iron age beliefs on the people working there.

This WILL directly allow for non-American interests to directly influence the American legal system. At the moment places like the Chamber of Commerce that take donations from people outside the US need to keep donations separate from money used for lobbying and political spending. However, if instead those non-American sources of funding instead just hire a corporation to do a job that money is being funneled into political action in our country. Now it will be directly related to the religion of the shopper.

Corporations and Religions have no place in our legal system. This ruling continues to allow them unfettered access to our positions of political power without having to play all the old political games.

Imagine the corporation We sell Rubber Ducks, Inc. They are a Catholic corporation and the Roman Catholic Church in South Africa buys $5 million in rubber ducks from them. That then gives We sell Rubber Ducks, Inc $5 million in funds to give to politicians that promote Catholic causes in the USA free and clear that they can legally spend in anyway that they like to influence the legal system.

All the while it will be removing affirmative action so that We sell Rubber Ducks, Inc doesn’t have to hire gay people or promote women into managerial positions because the Bible forbids women to be in authority over men.

And you apparently think it is a good thing.

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