Science Questions from 10 year olds part 3 #IASUK

Yet more

Question: what do you think the world will turn into in the future?

Plate Tectonics will continue to change the way the world looks and the climate will change over time turning jungles into deserts and deserts into jungles. I think that is pretty cool. As far as humans are concerned, I think we will continue to evolve as we travel forward in time and we will continue to learn a great many things about the universe. I am very excited to see what we figure out!

Question: what did fish evolve from

Originally there were only bacteria, little single cell organisms ruled the world! Eventually one became the ancestor of all plants and animals, but it was still a single cell organism. But it learned a trick! by clumping together these early cells learned that they could specialise and adapt to their world. Some of these became plants and some of them became the first animals, like sponges. Now as I understand it, these then started to learn how to control their movement and you started to see the first worm like creatures and those worm like creatures started to grow fins and gills and eventually they became the first fish!

Question: do you believe that if you wear glasses you a nerd

The simple answer is that no, wearing glasses doesn’t make you a nerd.

But what is a nerd? Someone that is really interested in learning things and is very passionate about the things they love! There is nothing wrong with that. You should be passionate about the things that you love and you should love learning things (whatever it is, if you love Pokemon then that is great, if you love Video Games that also great, if you love Football then you can be a football nerd).

I only recently started wearing glasses for when I read and there is nothing wrong with wearing glasses, it doesn’t make you less than anyone else. If anyone is calling you names then you should go to your parents or a teacher and let them know. You do not deserved to be bullied because your eyes need some help. Being called names hurts and no one should have to put up with it.


I just found a great quote from one of my favourite scientists, Carl Sagan.

Science is a delight, evolution has arranged that we take pleasure in understanding — those who understand are more likely to survive.

This means that people that like to learn and are passionate about things have an edge up on those that don’t. But that still doesn’t make you a nerd for wearing glasses.

Question: why cant penguins fly?

Penguins fly through the water instead of the air. Penguins have evolved to hunt in the water which is where they find their food, so instead of being able to fly from place to place they can swim faster than the fish that they want to eat. The way that a penguin swims is very similar to the way that other birds fly. Their wings guide them through the water and their feathers keep them safe and warm from the cold water and air. Because water is much thicker than air the penguins’ bodies have changed in ways that make the penguin stronger and heavier than other birds of the same size, they have also lost their flight feathers in exchange for the ability to swim even better than before. A penguins’ streamlined form is perfect for swimming through the water and catching fish!

Question: how many hairs do dogs have

According to Miller’s Anatomy, there are about 15,000 hairs per square inch on a dog, so it really depends on how big the dog is!

My chihuahua is tiny, but my german shepherd is huge. So they each would have a different number of hairs on them.

Question: Do all animals have life cycles

I certainly think so.

There is the bit that happens before they are born, either from a mother or an egg.

The bit when they are babies.

The bit when they are stroppy teenagers.

The bit when they are adults and having children of their own.

Then the bit when they get old and pass away.

Sadly, nothing lasts forever.

Question: Have you ever invented enny think

I invent programs all the time. As a computer based scientist I am constantly making new tools to do new things. Unfortunately most of them are only useful for a few days and aren’t of much interest to anyone but me.

The really cool thing about being a computer scientist is that you have the ability to create tools out of thin air to make things work. I’m not limited by the materials I have on hand to make a new hammer or spanner, but instead I have all of my imagination to create new tools and then use them to help me do my science.

The main project that I am working on is a brand new program to discover which mutations in humans are helpful. I invented the program! I love it!

Question: What is your favourite project that isn’t yours? do you like all of the scientists or no because there competition and have you ever been hurt when doing your work

My favourite project outside of my own is the Large Hadron Collider. It is a big physics experiment where they are trying to understand the very nature of the universe and reality. How cool is that? What they do is they take a part of an atom, speed it up to almost the speed of light, and then they smash it into another part of an atom that is also travelling at almost the speed of light. That seems pretty cool to me.

I love other scientists, there is just too much for any small group of people to do in science. So I work on my things and other scientists work on other things and then we have a great time telling each other about all the cool stuff we have discovered. Sometimes I worry about another scientist discovering what I am trying to find first, but I don’t worry about it too much. There is just so much to do that if that happens I can just move onto a new project to discover even more cool stuff.

The only thing that has even been hurt in my job is my pride when I have thought I have done something well but I have actually made a mistake and done it wrong. Like right now, I had an experiment that I was really proud of, but I messed it up so now I have to redo it and that is taking a ton of my time to do. But I have never been physically hurt doing science

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