Dear Senator Sanders, my daughter is in the ER and I am not worried

Dear Senator Sanders,

I am sitting in the ER with my daughter who is having to be hospitalised with a severe asthma attack. I am a student with no private insurance and I am not worried about the cost, because I am in the UK. In my opinion the NHS is one of the greatest institutions that man has ever invented because it allows for people to chase their dreams and not have to worry about seeing a doctor. The NHS has allowed me to chase my dream of getting a quality education without endangering my children’s health due to a lack of insurance. I am graduating later this year and one of the things that I fear about returning to the USA is the health insurance system. Though it is better since the ACA it is not up to the standards that the rest of the developed world enjoys. Please continue your crusade to bring a single payer healthcare system to the US so that our countrymen can also chase their dreams without having to worry if their children will need to see a doctor.

Thank you,
Thaddeus Aid
Department of Statistics
University of Oxford

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