I’m thinking about running for congress against Anna Eshoo.

While I respect Anna and I have voted for her many times I think that I need to try and run against her in order to take action for the things that I care about. I’ve been nominated on the Justice Democrats platform and I have been starting to put together a platform in case I do run.



Repeal Drug War and replace with health care first initiatives for addicts. (ref: Portugal/Denmark).


$15 minimum wage with annual/quarterly increase tied to the rate of inflation.


Minimum vacation and sick time for all workers prorated on 40hr/wk (12/yr each).


Requirement for all salaries/pay rates in a company to be available to all employees.


Make forming a union easier.


Mandate investigations into police violence/use of deadly force by outside agency using jury of citizens.


Reform Intellectual Property/Patent laws in favor of the public domain.


Require all government funded research to be published as open science articles and be released to the public domain.


Mandate equal pay for equal work.


Medicare for all. (evidence based)


Strengthen Social Security (scrap all social welfare programs and turn Social Security into a Universal Basic Income)


Moratorium on construction of coal/carbon based power plants.


Invest in green energy production/research.


Increase law enforcement activity to combat domestic white terrorism.


Strengthen the voting rights act.


Strengthen open and free elections including primaries and caucuses.


Ban lobbyists from governmental positions for at least 5 years.


Ban politicians from lobbyist positions for 10 years.


Ban speaking fees for politicians in office and for 5 years afterwards.


Ban corporate donations to politicians and political parties.


Publicly funded elections.


Voting reform. (ranked voting)


Mandatory voting.


Automatic mail-in voter registration.


Centralized government web pages for all candidates.


Remove party affiliation from voting documents.


Access to debates for all candidates.


Increase funding for education (teachers should earn a good living).


Increase funding for the arts.


Increase funding for the humanities.


Reduce military funding.


Empower government science advisors.


Promote evidenced based laws and policies.


Mandatory offerings for parental leave (new child/sick child)


Invest in infrastructure.


Tuition free bachelor degrees at public universities.


Path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.


Restructure trade agreements to benefit workers.


Drug testing for politicians.


Enact insider trading rules for politicians.


Empower ethics committees.


Strengthen equality laws for all minorities.


Internet as a utility.


Jail time for corporate executives.


Empower municipal fiber internet.


Ban warrantless surveillance and blanket information gathering.


Tie political salaries to the Universal Basic Income.


Politicians get medicare.


Increase corporate taxes and remove many corporate tax breaks.


Increase taxes on top earners and remove many tax breaks.


Ban politicians from voting on their own wage increases.


End US torture.


Employment protections, no firing anyone for no reason/any reason.


Mandatory severance packages for downsizing.


Increase enforcement against unpaid internships.


Ban asset forfeiture without conviction.


Free adult learning classes towards high school diploma or GED with free GED testing. (with online classes)


Reverse climate change  

So what do you think?


On The Left vs The Republicans and Democrats

As a far left anti-authoritarian I have been getting a ton of flak from Democrats saying that I have to align with the major political party that most closely aligns to my views. Unfortunately, there is no party that does that. On the Political Compass scale (¬†https://www.politicalcompass.org/ ) I rank as -10/-10 putting me firmly in the corner of a collectivist anti-authoritarian. But you may ask, why not side with the Democrats, well….


Well friends, here is the map of the US Presidential Candidates of 2016




If we look at the two main candidates we have Clinton and Trump.

Clinton ranks at: 7.5/5 being further to the economic right than Trump

Trump ranks at: 6.5/9 being more authoritarian than Clinton (and right next to Hitler btw)


So doing some simple maths using good old Pythagorus:

My distance to Clinton is the square root of (|-10| + |7.5|)^2 + (|-10| + 5)^2 = 23

My distance to Trump is the square root of (|-10| + |6.5) ^2 + (|-10| + 9)^2 = 25.16


Now, obviously I am most closely aligned to Clinton but not that much more closely. There is about an 8% difference between the two from my political position. But what about the two of them?


The distance between Trump and Clinton is the square root of (7.5 – 6.5)^2 + (9 – 5)^2 = 4.12


So it becomes obvious that Clinton and Trump are closer allies than I am to either one of them. Fundamentally, there is very little to differentiate either person from my political positions.



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