On The Left vs The Republicans and Democrats

As a far left anti-authoritarian I have been getting a ton of flak from Democrats saying that I have to align with the major political party that most closely aligns to my views. Unfortunately, there is no party that does that. On the Political Compass scale ( https://www.politicalcompass.org/ ) I rank as -10/-10 putting me firmly in the corner of a collectivist anti-authoritarian. But you may ask, why not side with the Democrats, well….


Well friends, here is the map of the US Presidential Candidates of 2016




If we look at the two main candidates we have Clinton and Trump.

Clinton ranks at: 7.5/5 being further to the economic right than Trump

Trump ranks at: 6.5/9 being more authoritarian than Clinton (and right next to Hitler btw)


So doing some simple maths using good old Pythagorus:

My distance to Clinton is the square root of (|-10| + |7.5|)^2 + (|-10| + 5)^2 = 23

My distance to Trump is the square root of (|-10| + |6.5) ^2 + (|-10| + 9)^2 = 25.16


Now, obviously I am most closely aligned to Clinton but not that much more closely. There is about an 8% difference between the two from my political position. But what about the two of them?


The distance between Trump and Clinton is the square root of (7.5 – 6.5)^2 + (9 – 5)^2 = 4.12


So it becomes obvious that Clinton and Trump are closer allies than I am to either one of them. Fundamentally, there is very little to differentiate either person from my political positions.



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