I have just released my entire Introduction to Python course for free on YouTube

If you are interested in learning how to program, I have just finished and released a complete course on Python on YouTube, the course and the book are free, so please take a look and if you know anyone that is interested in learning to program please share the link with them!


Introduction to Computer Science using Python part 1

I’m finally getting around to making another Introduction to Programming series on YouTube, this time for my Introduction to Python course. Here is the first video with more to follow over the next few days/weeks.

Teaching programming

I have spent the last week or so teaching the new set of PhD students how to program in C and Perl and it has been a lot of fun doing it.  Though I am lucky that I am dealing with post-grads that want to learn. I did get a bit of an ego boost this morning when the lecturer asked to use my report from last year as an example of what a good report is.

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